Fruttattiva is not a simple fruit and vegetable warehouse.
It is a place where you can find the ideal combination of high quality and maximum convenience, with a huge assortment of vegetables, fruit and more, perfect for fruit growers, bartenders, restaurateurs, Ho.re.ca. Operators and anyone who owns VAT.
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fruit and vegetables Warehouses

For over 20 years we have been pursuing a goal: to select the best products from our suppliers and from the major squares of the world, guaranteeing our customers high quality, maximum convenience and above all the satisfaction of being part of not a team but of a great, great family.

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The most good and fresh products

Fruttativa is synonymous with freshness. The freshness you already discover by looking at the products displayed in the thousands of cassettes and merchandise areas, divided into fruits, vegetables, other vegetables, spices and plants.

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Do you want to join the great Fruttattiva family?
If enthusiasm, good will, teamwork and a spirit of sacrifice distinguish you, send us your application.
Previous experience unnecessary: we will grow together!

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