Fruit and vegetables treasure fundamental nutrients for the proper functioning of the body. Each one has its own precise features. There are no identic fruits in terms of nutritional values. The same applies to vegetables.

Differentiating the diet by interchanging most of this precious food is the cardinal rule which satisfies the daily need essential for our psycho-physic balance.

But, let’s face it, who of us can consume the portions of fruit and vegetables recommended by doctors all over the world, equal to 5?

Fruit and vegetables extracts represent an alternative solution.

Very colorful, nutrients, naturals, life-giving, extracts are vitamins and minerals in a cup easy to prepare at home too. The extract is a perfect ally of our well-being: it’s a really good snack, quick to prepare as you wish according your tastes.

Before we go through secrets, devices, tricks and recipes, an explanation is needed.

A necessary premise about vegetables

Vegetables and garden vegetables are sometimes considered as synonyms, though the potential meanings of these terms are identic at all. The confusion generated for the couple vegetable-garden vegetable is due to the fact that in the culinary field we usually talk about vegetables and rarely about garden vegetables.

Nevertheless, the difference between vegetable and garden vegetable does exist.

In order to understand it the best, it is important to start from the distinction of the garden vegetables in big “families”. We find:

  1. edible-flowered vegetables are for example artichokes and asparagus;
  2. seed vegetables related to legumes;
  3. root vegetables are radish and carrots instead;
  4. edible-stalked vegetables are fennels and celery;
  5. fruit vegetables are eggplants, tomatoes, cucumbers and zucchini;
  6. leaf vegetables are chard, cabbage and lettuce,
  7. tuber vegetables such as potatoes;
  8. bulb vegetables are garlic, shallot and onion.


Each type of food “harvested from the land” can be ranked as vegetable.

As you can see, distinguishing garden vegetables and vegetables is not so simple, that’s why we often talk about vegetables without distinction. In this thought-provoking article, we also refer to vegetables broadly speaking by speaking generally not to confuse the readers.


Fruit and vegetables types ideal for extracts

Not every fruit and vegetables are suitable for extracts preparation and, above all, not in the same amount.

Think about the onion or, furthermore, the garlic, that can be toxic if consumed in certain portions.

Then here you are a useful list of fruit and vegetable perfect for extracts.

Pineapple and cucumber: ideal to fight water retention and cellulitis;

Mango and papaya: pleasant, refreshing and draining, as well as being rich of vitamins;

Fennel and apple: they act as a detox;

Celery: it is drain and diuretic-gifted;

Apple and lettuce: maybe the taste of the lettuce isn’t the best, but its excellent properties compensate by far this limit;

Tomato: it’s very rich of anti-ageing nutrients, especially lycopene, that one of the most powerful antioxidants in nature.


Winning fruit and vegetable combinations for our health

Today the care for the diet also emphasized the relevance of food combination. If it’s true that isn’t strong recommended combining meat and fish, less known is that some fruit with certain properties, with others, may encourage our health under the most wanted perspective.

To make an example, if we don’t have a good intestinal regularity, we should aim at some fruit and vegetables combination which stimulate the gastrointestinal transfer.

As well as those who have some cellulitis problems it would be good preferring draining extracts, realized combining diuretic fruit and vegetables.

So, you just have to find out what fruit and vegetables extracts you can rely on, according to your needs and preferences.

  • Draining extracts

Draining fruit and vegetables extracts stimulate diuresis, a physiologic mechanism that is fundamental to purify the body and fight water retention.

In order to be in good shape and prepare all the necessary to feel good, you need: workout, a healthy and balanced diet and purge.

These ones are our winning allies for the well-being of body and soul.

Well, thanks to the draining extracts you can go swelling losing extra liquids.

This means losing weight too. Water retention, as we already know, can be fought drinking 2 or 3 liters water per day as recommended.

However, drinking infusions and draining extracts we can easier compensate the same amount and, at the same time, have a vitamins refill.

How to make a draining extract

Draining fruit and vegetables extracts are so easy to prepare: take fruit and vegetables, perfectly wash them, cut them into small pieces and put it into the juice extractor.

It would be better drink the juice at the moment, but you can also keep it in the fridge.

The draining extract is particularly recommended for breakfast or midmorning to purify, regenerate and drain the organism since the awakening.

Draining extracts: quick and easy recipes

Let’s look at some draining extracts’ recipes:

Draining extract 1.

1 cucumber, 1 fennel e 2 slices pineapple

Perfectly wash cucumber and fennel.

Remove the peel from the pineapple, then leave it at the cucumber and centrifugate the whole.

The strategic combination of these three products has a particularly draining effect, a real panacea for those who feel swollen and has water retention problems.

Draining extract 2.

1 celery, 1 fennel, a little piece of ginger.

In addition to the revitalizing ginger properties, in this excellent extract are also combined the properties of the fennel which encourages digestion, it’s purifying and draining, as well as improving the gastrointestinal transfer.

In turn then, the celery acts as a draining and gives a sense of repletion.

In addition to the help in draining liquids of the body, these extracts are rich of vitamin A, C, B, B1, B2, B6, potassium, magnesium, copper, iron and bromelain ( to be precise, this one is included in the pineapple).


  • Sight-preserving extracts

Today now more than ever we must preserve our eyes, since we are fully aware of damages caused by sunrays and by excessive exposure to pc and electronic devices.

How can we do it? We use suitable eye drops and sunglasses with UV filters, but we often forget that our sight-health goes through the food-choice we bring on our tables.

We can preserve the well-being of our sight with specific fruit and vegetables extracts.

Here some useful recipes as follows.

Sight-preserving extract 1.

20 blueberries, 1 branch of parsley, 2 carrots, 4 spinach leaves, a spoon of wheat germ.

Wash carrots, spinaches and the branch of parsley and put everything into the blender.

Once blended, add the blueberries and keep blending.

In conclusion you can also add a wheat germ sprinkle at taste, healthy for the sight. Drink it immediately, rather in the morning or after lunch.

Sight-preserving extract 2.

2 carrots, 1 beetroot and 1/2 papaya

This extract allows you to combine the healthy carrots properties, rich of beta-carotene as everyone knows, with the beetroot and papaya ones.

Wash them, let them dry a bit, cut them into pieces and blend.

Drink rather in the morning.


  • Extracts to fight constipation

Some consequences of mistakes in food and lifestyle can lead to one of the most widespread problems in the industrial countries now.

People of any age, even children, are affected by it.

So, here are some useful centrifuged to promote intestinal transit:

Extract to fight constipation 1

1 green apple, 1 leaf of purple kale, 30 g of fresh spinaches leaves

The green apple is particularly efficient to fight both constipation and diarrhea.

The secret is in the peel though, the part of the fruit that richest of fibers; that’s why it is recommended of using it in the extract preparation, obviously after washing the fruit.

 Extract to fight constipation 2

2 kiwis, 1 banana, 20 g of fresh spinaches leaves

Banana is extremely rich of potassium and minerals which help the gastrointestinal transfer.

The kiwi is another fruit usually recommended in the diets too because of its laxative properties.


  • Anti-stress extracts

This is good news for all of us, affected by the ache of the century: anxiety.

Stress can’t be fought only with infusions, yoga and whole Sundays at the beach.

The fight against anxiety begins at the table with some extracts that are efficient for our nervous system. Here some recipe:

Anti-stress extract 1

1 fennel, 2 carrots, ginger, celery stem

This extract combination can ensure a good humor. The fennel is rich of vitamins of the B group that help the right functioning of the nervous system while the celery is an excellent source of magnesium, a mineral which recovers the organism balance to produce energy by helping our nervous system.

Anti-stress extract 2

1 tomato, 2 leaves of romaine lettuce, 4 spinaches leaves

This extract can fight against anxiety thanks to the lettuce and tomato that have sedative characteristics. Thanks to the content of flavonoids, succinic acid and malic acid, the lettuce is particularly calming, so that you can eat it for dinner.

This means that this extract can be drunk in the late afternoon or in the evening too.


Little final advices about fruit and vegetables extracts

The list of fruit and vegetables extracts to prepare at home could be much longer.

Each of us can amuse yourself with the food-choice to use but, be careful: not every fruit and vegetable can be freely consumed and in large amount.

Some fruits have some side effects and/or interactions with other drugs, for example, the grapefruit.

Always for example, the parsley mustn’t be misused: this herb is highly discouraged in pregnant women and in those who suffer from kidney diseases.

Furthermore, you must wash fruit and vegetables very well, even better with bicarbonate, because they could hide a parasite that causes toxoplasmosis, especially dangerous for the fetus in pregnant women.

So avoid abusing things that make us “feeling good”.

Passwords in this case are “careful and self-control”: our organism need a few to feel good.


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