Donna Isabella

The farm pantry

Donna Isabella was born in Puglia, a land that made its colors and its perfumes his wealth. Puglia was only the beginning of a long journey through the world that Donna Isabella has made, in search of the best ingredients that are actually the basis of our diet, which is why legumes, rice and flour are selected With so much love, to seem just harvested.

Our philosophy

Each trip, however, has its own destination. The one of Donna Isabella is to bring to her table his farm pantry cared for with love and care.


Chick peas, beans, broad beans, lentils.


Sesame, flax, poppy, hemp, pumpkin, sunflower, Goji berries and wellness mix, sports, antioxidant


Rome, Carnaroli, Ribe, Arborio, Gran Grande, Farro, Tricolore.

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