Big warehouse

We decided to focus on freshness, quality, genuineness, not just of the products we market but above all of the people we interact with every day. Fruttattiva is not an import export, it is a warehouse where you can find the widest variety of fruits and vegetables coming from both our local suppliers and producers, scattered across Apulia, but also national suppliers such as Sicily and Spain and South America. Beyond that, one of our greatest values is the relationship: the bond that we immediately establish with our customers and everyone who is part of our everyday life is that essential and indispensable element without which our work would make no sense and which would not have allowed us to achieve the results obtained since 1993.

A company people made

First a farmer, then a fruit and vegetable stall, then the ambition to create a first 70 square meter warehouse, and finally the great challenge of creating a large fruit and vegetable warehouse that from 24 years and 25 employees, has made the word trust come true. Here's how Fruttattiva is born, trusting people, situations, nature, going beyond the present, knowing that one day we will harvest some good fruits.

Gianni Boccuzzi

I am the one who in 1993 decided to turn a fruit and vegetable stand into something more. All this would never have been possible without the desire to innovate and innovate and without trust: in me, in my only companion of life, in my sons, in my employees and in my suppliers, my great family. Confidence turns a dream into reality.